What are forever roses?

Forever roses (also known as preserved flowers) are real fresh cut flowers which undergoes a unique preservation process that leaves the flowers looking natural by maintaining their original suppleness, shape, and brightness.

How long do forever roses/preserved flowers last?

The saying is "Real roses that last a year" but preserved flowers can last several years depending on proper care.

How to care for preserved roses?

Do not water the roses as using any water will immediately damage the roses. Do not expose the roses to direct sunlight. UV-light may cause colour bleaching. Keep the arrangement in room temperature, humidity-free environment. Do not handle and remove roses from their box. Gently dust with a hairdryer set on low.

Are preserved roses safe?

The substances used in the preservation process are non-toxic, noncorrosive, non-carcinogenic, non-explosive and non-chemical reactive. The solutions and colourants are the same as those used in food and medicine. Preserved flowers are CFIA approved.

What is your Return Policy?

Our rose box arrangements are hand-made to order for special occasions/events. Therefore, all sales are final and we do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds. Should there be any issue with your order, please contact us at luxuryroses@rosedesignsyyc.com.